Mental Health Peer Support Chat Group
Jungle is a free online peer support chat group for individuals battling mental health related issues in life. Don't battle the journey alone! Get the peer support that you deserve and become a recovery warrior!

    Peer Support

    Everyone needs a strong support group that can help them navigate issues through life. In this group, we cheer, talk, and support each other. As a member, you'll have a peace of mind knowing that there's always someone out there willing to talk to you and support you!

    Daily wins!

    Everyone in this group celebrates daily and small wins. We cheer and support each other. Sometimes it just takes those little wins to stack up in order for us to feel better and we brainstorm ideas on how to feel better in life.


    We regularly bring on professional therapists and coaches to participate in live Q&A sessions, so that you can learn all the professional techniques on how to navigate through certain mental health issues. Sometimes getting professional advice could be very useful!